Level 2 Fire Safety

This training for Fire Wardens and Marshals is designed for those people who have been allocated fire safety responsibilities within their workplace. These people require training in regards to fire safety, evacuation procedures, prevention, and practical use of safety equipment.
This course will help your business meet the legal requirements as outlined in the UK Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005.

Course outline

The course is divided into three categories such as the teachings in the theory of fire safety and provides a practical session. These sessions cover safe evacuation, prevention of fire through risk assessments and other methods, and hands on experience using safety paraphernalia. You will learn simple and effective ways to prevent fires, the different types of extinguisher and their purposes and how to use them. More also, you will learn how to classify fires.
During the the practical session the delegates will have a hands on experience reacting and responding to a fire, you learn how to safely and properly use appropriate fire extinguishers plus how to use fire blanket.

Course Duration

The course is half a day between 2 to 3 hours. Certificate will be awarded to delegates at the end of the course.

level 2 fire safety

LocationDatesTimePrice in £Buy Now
Dartford-DA117th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA118th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA119th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA120th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA121st March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA122nd March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA123rd March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA124th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA125th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA126th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA127th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA128th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA129th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA130th March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA131st March 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA11st April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA12nd April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA13rd April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA14th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA15th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA16th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA17th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA18th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA19th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA110th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA111th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA112th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA113th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA114th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA115th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA116th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA117th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA118th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA119th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA120th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA121st April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA122nd April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA123rd April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA124th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA125th April 20219:00-13:0050
Dartford-DA126th April 20219:00-13:0050

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